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About the Studio

Welcome to Native Summer Photography. This studio was established in November 2011 in the New England area. This is a freelance photography company. The purpose of the studio is to capture inspiration in all its forms. Photo expeditions right now are small and shot locally. There is no set studio space as of yet. It is a great place to get artwork for your home or office. Many of the photographs on display are for sale. In the future, Native Summer Photography will be able to have personal or event photo shoots. Most photo shoots are done outside.

The Photographer


Nicole has been taking photographs most of her life. The art really improved during a photography course in college. The following year she became an assistant to the photography department. Photography is more of a passion. She is doing freelance work right now. She is inspired by nature and looking at ordinary objects in a new light. She takes both color and black and white photographs. Now Nicole is taking digital along with some film.




Current Display at...

Looking for new gallery for current display of art work.


Some Past Locations...

The Art Studio (November 2013- May 2014)

Sisters We Three (March 2012- April 2013)

Wild Horse
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